Every Day Should Be A Holiday

Happy New Year everyone! I haven’t had time to post for a while because I kind of over-committed to Christmas gift making. Either that, or left it too late (despite starting in October!). I got it all done in time … Continue reading

It Comes & Goes.

I feel like I should be blowing a layer of dust off of this thing! Apologies for my absence, I have had a mad busy summer. Long story short, I started a new job which I am loving and I’ve … Continue reading

Nice Limbo You Have Here

My knitting and crochet world has been a lot like clothes shopping lately; trying on lots of things and not being happy with any of them! Pretty damn frustrating. So, to start with, I have finally begun putting my hand-spun … Continue reading

Catnip Dream, Catnip Dream

I always find the weather influences what I want to make. For example, last week when it was sunny I spent lots of time making flowers. This week it has been raining and pouring, so my thoughts have turned to … Continue reading

The Flowers In My House When My Allergies Come Out

We’ve had some pretty awesome weather in my part of the world lately and it’s really made me grateful to live somewhere as beautiful as Norfolk. It also seems to have inspired me to make lots of flowers! In my … Continue reading