Christmas Crochet

I’ve been knitting and crafting now since March and it has taken over my life (in a good way!) so I recently decided it was time to take a step in to the world of crochet. At first, I struggled with tension and hand coordination but I actually found it easier to initially grasp than knitting.

Inescapably, we are heading deep in to the festive season so I decided something Christmassy would be a great first project. I found this great tutorial from Attic 24, which I now credit with my crocheting skills – what a great website!

Here are my attempts before blocking:


I’m off work today (and the rest of the week, woo!) after returning from the best weekend at ATP – End of an Era 2 (review coming soon) so decided to get the pinboard out and block my snowflakes. I followed advice from Tangled Weeds, an informative (if not niche!) website about making your own snowflakes. I used a white glue and water mix to block, then sprinkled rather a lot of iridescent glitter on top for some added wow factor.

snowflakes 2

They are still a WIP, but once they are dry I will be making a garland for my mama and then using the rest as tree decorations or gift tags  – excited to see how they turn out! I might even make some in reds and greens…


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