Christmas Crochet pt II

HNY everyone, hope the festive season was full of food and fun. I know mine was! Despite my plea to my family to not fill our house with chocolate, biscuits and sweets I guess it kind of had to be done, so hubby and I are slowly munching our way through a mountain of food. Oh well, our healthy eating plan can start again soon enough!

My birthday was just before Christmas and between the two I got some lovely crafty gifts. My Mum got me some KnitPro Waves Crochet Hooks, my husband got me a set of 16 Symfonie wood Interchangeable Circular Needles and I got a whole host of books, including Makery, Crocheted Flowers and my personal favourite, Hook Yarn and Crochet. I have already made the hanging decorative heart from Hook, Yarn and Crochet – it really is a great book, even for a beginner-crocheter like me.

So, last time I was here I was mid-way through crocheting a Snowflake Garland, which was to be a gift for my Mama. I never had time to crochet more snowflakes, but I did finish the garland! Instead, I used some pine-cone tree decorations to fill it out a bit. It was pretty cool to see The Mothership display it proudly in her house:

snowflakes finished

Hooray! Our house was covered in glitter for approximately 464263476 days after I had finished blocking the snowflakes and stringing it all together – I really am not the neatest when creating…

The snowflake pattern came from the Attic24 website, which is fast becoming one of my most visited sites. If anyone has any other knitting/crochet/craft blog recommendations, I’d love to hear them.


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