Lace Leaf Scarf

As I’m sure every crafter does, I had big, big plans to make lots of lovely handmade Christmas gifts.  I only ended up having time to make two gifts myself, the biggest and most time consuming of which was a lace leaf scarf that I knitted for my Mother in Law.

I really wanted to make a scarf called Haven by Kim Hargreaves but the only way I could get to the pattern was to buy a whole book and that seemed a bit… much. So after much time spent trying to find the pattern online, I gave up and used a pattern from the excellent The Purl Bee website called Lovely Lace Leaf Scarf, and the name is no lie.

It was my first attempt at lace knitting, and I have to say that all the yarn overs and repeats were daunting at first but once I had cast on and started, it was actually quite straight forward. I still found it challenging though; one false move and you’re frogging a row or two and that is quite hard with lace knitting, it would seem. So it did require maximum concentration but I really enjoyed the process and learnt loads doing it. The most challenging part was probably not being able to post pictures or share my progress anywhere as my Mother in Law has access to my FaceBook/Twitter etc and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!

The scarf is knitted in two halves (the second half of mine being much neater!) and then joined together using kitchener stitch so that the pattern is the right way around on both ends. I really thought I was going to mess the whole thing up at this point, but the PurlBee tutorial was great and I nearly made it all the way through flawlessly – I made one mistake at the end, but luckily the scarf is designed to curl inwards so that bit is hidden! Kitchener stitch is yet another technique I learnt making this scarf, and now I won’t cower away at the mention of it.

To make this scarf, I used Rowan Cocoon in Duck Down which is a bulky weight 80% merino 20% mohair yarn, and this took about 4.5 skeins. Cocoon is lovely and soft but it shed a hell of a lot so I was BFFs with my lint roller during this project!

Lovely Lace Leaf Scarf

Lovely Lace Leaf Scarf

Lovely Lace Leaf Scarf

Lovely Lace Leaf Scarf

I have to admit, I was very nervous when my Mother in Law unwrapped the scarf on Christmas day, but she either really liked it or is a great actress!


10 thoughts on “Lace Leaf Scarf

  1. Have you come across lifelines? Thread a length of yarn through all the stitches on your needle and then continue knitting, leaving the spare yarn. The if you have to frog you can be sure of definitely picking up all the stitches correctly. I put a new lifeline in whenever I think I would cry if I had to rip out loads of rows.

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