My Adventures In Knitting

I first started learning to knit in March 2013; I mentioned to some friends that since giving up smoking I had been struggling to unwind and take my mind off of things (work, mostly) in the evenings and learning to knit was mentioned more than a few times.  So my friend Tilly took me yarn shopping and that was that! I’ll be honest: I hadn’t anticipated the next few days to be so frustrating. Learning to knit is hard. Once you get it, it’s mostly straight forward but until that thing inside your brain clicks, it is infuriating and seems impossible. I tried books, diagrams, forums, and every tutorial I could find. What finally got it to click was this video on YouTube. Suuure it’s a nursery rhyme used for teaching children but it worked. Of course, my first few knitting projects were scarfs – notably this Keyhole Scarf and this Basketweave Scarf.

The first time I felt proud of my knitting wasn’t anything special, it was this octopus I made for my friend’s baby boy:

Aristotle The Octopus

Aristotle The Octopus

It’s not much but it looked like the picture in the pattern, and I loved him! Thus a love of knitting animals was born! I have since knitted a rabbit, another octopus, a monkey, a penguin and just finished an elephant. But more on those later!

My first real challenge was knitting in the round. I jumped straight in with this pattern for a Cupcake Pin Cushion by The Making Spot (who have disappeared), and I think it was the results of this that had me well and truly addicted to knitting.

Cupcake Pin Cushion

Cupcake Pin Cushion

I still make these as gifts for fellow crafters, and they go down a treat!

I was trying to think of my favourite thing I have knitted, and it is a toss up between two things. One is the one that gave me the biggest sense of achievement and the other is one that I currently wear most days.  I’ll let you decide which is which!

Darwin The Monkey

Darwin The Monkey

Cosy Cowl

Cosy Cowl

What was your first/favourite project?



4 thoughts on “My Adventures In Knitting

  1. Ugh, I just quit smoking. It sucks. I’ve been knitting so furiously to compensate for my jitters that I’m worried my rosewood needles will catch fire.

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