Time For Something Different…

I recently quit my job. It’s a long story and probably best not to ask… The result is needing to make some money, and as much as I love knitting it’s not the quickest or most cost efficient method of creating. I did look in to it, and by the time I had costed my materials and priced my time, I was either going to make no profit because of selling things too cheaply, or not make any profit as who on earth is going to buy something I’ve made for astronomical prices?! (If anyone has any information on cost effective, knitting for profit ideas please share!)

So I started looking at other things I can make to sell, and fell in love with embroidery hoop art. I have started making some personalised wall hangings for nurseries and children’s room featuring felt animals and initials.

Whale Wall HangingI am currently experimenting with different animals and colours but so far I have made ones featuring a whale (pictured above), a unicorn (that has sold and is being shipped to the states!), an elephant, an owl and a fox (that is currently packed and ready to go to it’s new home in Finland!)

Fox Wall Hanging

Next up will be cute birdies, a dinosaur and hopefully a giraffe! I have really enjoyed the creative process of sketching these out, picking the background, coloured felt and adorning little details in scrapbook paper. I have tried to keep them all pretty cohesive to one another so at the moment, they all feature little paper hearts somewhere (like the whale’s cheek or the foxes nose).

If you’d like to buy one, please visit my etsy shop: Pixels & Purls. I would be more than happy to sketch up a design featuring any animal or object you desire! Suggestions for future creations also very welcome.

The past few days, I have been taking the focus off of nurseries and children’s room and trying to design things I would buy for myself. My favourite one features lyrics from ‘True Love Wait’s by Radiohead – I will take some photos to post soon!

I am really hoping my etsy shop takes off. It is a bit sparse at the moment but I am hoping to fill it up with some more animal wall hangings, pretty hoop art items and small crocheted gifts soon!


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