Untidy Desk, Untidy Mind.

So here’s the thing. I am messy when I work… all the time. I will mostly clean up when I am done whatever I am doing as soon as I finish, but until then it’s like I’m amidst an explosion of stuff…. a stuff-splosion, if you will. This is something I really need to work on as I think it will make my workflow quicker and easier. To be honest, it doesn’t take long to clear up when I’m done but I’m pretty sure it would save me time whilst I’m working.

So this is me, publicly shaming myself in to changing. Yep.


What my craft room currently looks like...

What my craft room currently looks like…

OK, so that was embarrassing..! I think I need some better storage solutions, to start organising my materials a bit better and to just put stuff away when I’m done with it, damnit.

I’m off to clear up.


4 thoughts on “Untidy Desk, Untidy Mind.

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