Weekend Fun: Upcycling & Sunshine!

What a lovely weekend! The weather here in Norwich was uh-may-zing yesterday. I didn’t do anything wild at the weekend, but I did have a great one.

After a visit to the pub with some of my BFFs Friday night, I decided that on Saturday I would start painting a 1960s Lloyd Loom chair that I found on eBay. I’ve been wanting a new chair for my craft room for a while – lugging my big ol’ office chair from my computer desk to my craft table was a bit of a pain in the bum. As a teen I had a Lloyd Loom in my bedroom that belonged to my Nan, but when I asked my Mum if I could have it, she told me that my beloved chair was no more *sadface* But then I saw this glorious beast for local pick up on eBay and was the only bidder – success!

I had been doing my research and looked at a few forum discussions and the best methods of re-painting these chairs are either an eggshell interior wood paint or spray paint. So off to Homebase I went, husband in tow, to pick up some paint. I ended up choosing to use an eggshell paint as the colour choices were better. Lloyd Loom themselves use Ball and Farrow Paint, but that was pretty expensive. I ended up going with Homebase’s own brand, Homebase Sanctuary Eggshell Paint in Caledon which is a lovely sage green colour.

So after a thorough cleaning, it only took two full coats plus a few touch ups to get the chair painted, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I will say though, it was a lot of effort. Working the paint in to the gaps in the weave was particularly frustrating; I ended up going from a medium decorating brush to a small one, and in the end settled for using one of my art paintbrushes usually set aside for my acrylics as it simply got in to the gaps better. I became absolutely obsessed with getting in to every single space and wouldn’t stop until I was pretty sure the weave as all evenly covered. It was worth the effort though – attention to detail and being thorough always improve a project!

Lloyd Loom - Painted

Lloyd Loom – Painted

The colour is actually a fair bit deeper than it looks here, but I was battling with the white balance on my camera and gave up. Yes, that is my lovely cat snoozing in the background!

So the painting may be done but it’s not over yet! I am making a cushion for the chair now. It will look a bit like this (this is not my cushion, just the one from the pattern page on Ravelry):

My colourway is pretty similar, but I have swapped the turquoise for a mint green simply because I had it in my stash – in fact the only yarn I’ve had to buy is the coral colour.

Triangles And when that’s done, I’m tempted to make a little matching throw to hang over the back – I have a feeling that might become one of those things I never get around to, though.

In between coats of paint and crocheting triangles, I also managed to squeeze in some housework, lunch out with the husband, a few films and a pint in the beautiful Sunday sunshine – whew! How was your weekend? x


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