All Tangled Up

I’ve been so busy with my Facebook Page, Etsy shop and 100001 WIPs that I haven’t blogged since Monday – oops! It turns out that running an Etsy shop is hard work. I’m still learning and trying to master it – been reading all about SEO and using social media, and I think my head is fit to burst!

Since I finished my Elefanté project and the scarf for my Mother in Law, I haven’t really been “into” a project. I think those two projects were so labour intensive and all-consuming, I had knitted the steam out of my sails. But now I have gone from having no real project on the go to having five! What am I currently making, I hear you ask? (I don’t, but I’m pretending…)

1. The Adorable Puppy










This is a present for my Mum’s best friend’s granddaughter.  It’s her birthday next month and she loves dogs – so far, I have the head, body and front legs done. Just the back legs and tail to go! Ravelry users – the pattern can be found here.

2. Geometric Cushion










This is to go on the Lloyd Loom Chair I recently painted. It’s made up of 30 triangles stitched together – I have a feeling this will take a while. So far I’ve crocheted 18/30 triangles, then I need to crochet the back piece. I’m tempted to make a little throw out of the triangles to drape on the back of the chair, if I have enough yarn left and ever find the time… Pattern is here!

3. Comfort Zone Cardi


So that’s clearly not my cardigan – it’s the pattern picture as I’m only about 3 inches in to this. I’m making this in a bluey-grey colour and as soon as I’ve got a bit more on the needles, I’ll write a blog all about it! Ravelry page – the actual pattern seems  to be MIA from the Caron website but I saved it as a PDF before it got removed thankfully.

4. Aristotle The Octopus

Aristotle The Octopus









Not in this colour, this is an old one I made for my friend’s son. I am making a new one in a bright teal colour, as a thank you present for a friend. Pretty sure they might read this so I will say no more!

5. Meerkat – simples!










Firstly, that’s not my picture and this isn’t really a WIP as I haven’t started it yet but I am going to be making my Step Dad a meerkat. It’s his birthday next week and there is no way this will get done in time so it will just be a ‘just because’ present at some point!

I definitely seem to have recovered from my knitting burn-out, and have vowed to myself not to start any more projects until at least two of these are done! What’s on your needles?


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