Just Putting It Out There…

So I wasn’t going to blog today but I just had (what I think is ) a pretty good idea and wanted to get it down somewhere!

I posted a few weeks ago about going to a yarn spinning workshop and since then I have been racking my brains over what to do with the hank of yarn I came away with. I was just working on my latest embroidery hoop wall art piece (that’s a whole other blog  post for some time soon…) and it hit me: find some pretty stitches, knit or crochet a swatch with my handspun yarn and then put it in an embroidery hoop to frame and hang up! I would like to do three, each with a different stitch, and paint the hoops slightly different shades of the same colour (this will depend where I hang them, I suspect in my green and blue craft room…) to add a bit of variety but remain cohesive.


Not sure it’s wise to start this one yet as I have four or five things on the go, but it will definitely be next on my list once I have finished something!

Excited about this one!


3 thoughts on “Just Putting It Out There…

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