A-cute Angle.


Geometric Cushion

Geometric Cushion

I  finished my cushion! Hooray! It took me around two weeks to make, but it took 10 days of that just to finish making all the triangles. I found them a bit dull to make, so I only did a handful every evening whilst my husband and I finally caught up with the rest of the world and watched Game of Thrones (we watched all three seasons in about a fortnight…). I must say though, it’s handy knowing how to make a basic triangle – I feel like I could live a life of crocheted pi now. I had to shorten the triangles by a row each as my cushion would have saggy otherwise and no one wants a saggy cushion.

What I found quite enjoyable was arranging the colours, although I ended up a bit cross-eyed from trying to make sure that no triangle of the same colour was touching another of the same colour. It took me a while to realise this was going to be impossible so I calmed down and got on with it. I found sewing them together strangely therapeutic and it was quite exciting seeing all the pieces come together. I needed one less triangle per row than stated in the pattern – I guess my cushion insert was smaller.


Once all the triangles were sewn together, I gently hand-washed the cushion front and pinned on a notice board to block. It really needed a good blocking as it was an odd, lopsided shape and not quite big enough! I hate blocking – I like instant gratification too much, but it’s worth it as it does really enhance the finished product.

Whilst the front was drying, I crocheted the back piece. This was much quicker and only took me two evenings. I really like the stripy back and might back new covers for my ugly floor cushions like this. So easy too!

Then it was nearly done! The pattern I used said to sew the pieces together but I chose to crochet them together to give it a nice edge (and I bloody hate hand-sewing). Once the two pieces were together, I popped in the cushion and added some (nearly) matching buttons – and ta-da, all done!

I have to say, I love how this came out and think it compliments my upcycled Lloyd Loom Chair nicely.

Geometric Cushion


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