Somethin’ Like A Hula Hoop…

A while ago I posted about trying my hand at some embroidery hoop art, so I thought I’d return to that and post some of the things I’ve made since then!

I have mostly been working with vintage fabrics and song lyrics, film quotes and just random slogans. I’ve only finished four so far (one is not pictured as it’s a surprise for someone which I will post about soon!)

True Love Waits

This one features lyrics from ‘True Love Waits’ by Radiohead. It was my first attempt at this particular type of wall art, but I like how it turned out. I tried to compliment the fabric by wrapping a nice coloured yarn around the hoop.


Fuck Shit Up

I like the fabric and font combo, and I have already sold one of these, hooray! The person who bought asked me to do it with a black frame and with a spanner added underneath (it must be for a workshop or something) and I was happy to oblige!!

Sneaky plug – you can buy these from my Etsy shop if you like them!

As If

This one was a gift for one of my best friends, Tilly. We often talk about our mutual love of the film Clueless, so it seemed like a fitting gift. This was a one off but I’m tempted to make more like it. (I didn’t get a decent pic before I have this to Tilly, so excuse the phone quality)


I’ve spent some of this morning collating some film quotes to use on my next wall hangings with a good strongcup of coffee. I’m excited to try some more.

Suggestions of film quotes, slogans and lyrics to feature very welcome! Once I’m more confident with my sewing machine, I’ll be trying my hand at free-hand machine embroidery on some of these, too.


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