Pokey, The Little Puppy


It’s my Mum’s best friend’s granddaughter’s (say that when you’re drunk) birthday next week. I started crocheting a dog for her back in January, got as far as the head and body and then put it to one side to work on other things as “hey, her birthday’s not ’til April…” Cue me looking at the calendar last week and going “oh shit!” and getting this one out to finish.


Finishing didn’t actually take too long – a couple of evenings really, to crochet the back legs, front legs and tail. It would have taken less time if I had decided to read the pattern properly. The back legs are a lot wider than the front ones, but I ended up with one that was the right size and chunky and one with a big ball on the end but skinny like the front legs. Instead of “SC 1 stitch, decrease next stitch” for one of the decrease rows, I decreased every stitch – it looked pretty funny haha!


All in, it was a fairly quick project considering the size. This little guy is 40cm standing (25cm when sat down) and I would say he took around 10 hours of work (not 3+ months, like my Ravelry page says!)


In the past 10 days I have completed three of my current WIPs (which were mentioned in my post here)! The Adorable Puppy (obviously!), my Geometric Cushion and also the octopus – I will post about that when he has been given to his recipient! This leaves me with my cardigan which is going to be an on-going project, and I have of course already added some new projects to the queue; a giraffe and monkey for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s baby girl who is due in June, the framed swatches I am going to make from my handspun yarn (my yarn is hung out drying right now to get it ready) and I still need to make my step-dad a meerkat!

What do you have on your needles/hooks?

(You can find the pattern for this lovely dog here, by Melissa Trenado)

Pokey Pin



9 thoughts on “Pokey, The Little Puppy

  1. What a cute puppy! Wish I could still crochet!
    I still have the same thing I had on the needles last week. Darn cold set me back a week :/

  2. He looks really good, what a lovely gift. How did you find joining together the pieces? I must say that’s the least favourite part of patterns like this for me, I always get a bit impatient and it ends up wonky!
    I still haven’t had a chance to wash my hand spun yarn yet, I really want to get on with creating something with it soon. Look forwardto seeing what you make 🙂 x

    • Thanks Raine! It wasn’t too bad – the other big toys I have made were knitted and needed seaming first, but this was crocheted in the round so was quite simple. I do have to try really hard to be patient and repeat “attention to detail” as I’m doing it though!

      My handspun yarn is nearly dry – can’t wait to get started with it! x

  3. I am exactly the same, I HATE finishing up! That is why my Yorkshire Rose is still sitting in my knitting bag as opposed to adorning my coat!
    LOVE the pooch though, he really does look great! Xx

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