Give Me My Mojo Back

So I was really on a blogging roll, and it has come to an abrupt halt. I guess this is what writer’s block is!

Since I finished my crocheted puppy, I haven’t been doing much making really. I’ve been working on some new hoop art designs but am yet to actually make them – something is stopping me for some reason! Maybe tomorrow I will just damn well get on with it. I’ve made a little giraffe and working on a monkey friend for her, but I will post about them another time as a set.

One thing I have been thinking about a lot is designing my own patterns. I’ve been commissioned to crochet a cat and I really struggled to find a pattern that met my criteria. I really think there is room for more quirky, cute amigurumi. So, this week I am going to give it a go and try to design an octopus based on one I have previously knitted. I think it would be easier and quicker if it was crocheted instead of knitted.

Aristotle The Octopus

I have kind-of designed a fox brooch but I’m not 100% happy with it. I think I will work on it some more – it needs to be a bit daintier. Smaller hook, fewer rows here I come! This is the only picture I have, as I sent it away as a gift package to a friend and forgot I hadn’t photographed it, doh…

I think another crafty problem I’m having is that I am not loving the cardigan I’m making. I’m only 3″ in and really not digging it. Might have to find another big project to work on and find something else to use the one million balls of grey-blue yarn I have for that…



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