Gimme Stitches

Now I’ve finished my giraffe and monkey set, it’s time to get on with the knitted hoop art set I spoke about before. Long story short, my friends and I went to a yarn spinning class, I have a hank of hand spun yarn to use up and am making some wall hangings out of it!

I’m still in the planning stages, trying to work out which stitches to knit samples of to frame. One thing I haven’t ever done but really want to try is cabling so I am definitely going to use this project to try that. I really like this stitch I found on Craft Cookie which is called XOXO Honeycomb:

XOXO Honeycomb

I also wanted (what I would call) a more traditional looking cable. I think I’ve settled on this one by Nancy Hand, which I found on Ravelry:



And finally, I decided on a lace stitch. I can’t decide between Mountain Peaks or Heart 2 Heart both from Craft Cookie again:

I think I’m swaying towards Heart 2 Heart as I think it’d look pretty cute with the XOXO Honeycomb one… One other thing I did think is if I go with the heart stitch, if I found a stitch that looked like little X’s, I’d have a heart, a hug and a kiss – cute! Suggestions welcome!

I’ve just ordered the 6″ embroidery hoops to paint and frame these in, so as soon as I have finished my current commission and a few little bits for a care package I’m putting together for a friend (both should be done in a few more days), I’ll get cracking with these.

I’m still not 100% set on the stitches I mentioned so if you have any interesting recommedations, I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Gimme Stitches

  1. I like both lace stitches. But that would be super cute if you found a stitch that looks like X’s! I can’t wait to see this project! It sounds really cute!

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