30 Day Knitting Challenge: Day 14

Hope you all had a nice Easter! I’m currently working away on a couple of commissions of projects I’ve posted before (monkey and giraffe, anyone?) so don’t have any interesting WIPs to share with you at the moment 😦 I did just buy the yarn to make some cute little crocheted baby sandals however, so will have something more interesting to post soon! In the meantime, so my blog doesn’t start growing weeds, I’ll post another of these..!

Day 14: What’s the worst yarn/fiber that you’ve worked with and why?

Elefante WM

Once upon a time, I made an elephant. I have posted about this elephant on numerous occasions because I am super proud of him. HOWEVER. I really hated working with the yarn! Knowing the elephant was being given to a 1 year old, I didn’t choose anything fancy; I wanted something hardy and washable. Enter Hayfield Bonus DK – 100% Acrylic! I have absolutely no regrets over how Elefanté looks, however whilst I working on him I really wished for a better yarn. It squeaked when touching together… seriously. I went through so. much. hand cream in the process too, to avoid my hands turning into scaly reptile-resembling beasts.

Lovely Lace Leaf Scarf

Runner up goes to the Rowan Cocoon I used for my Mother-in-Law’s scarf. The colours are absolutely stunning (I used Duck Down) and the yarn is oh-so-soft, but holy crap did this bad boy shed! And I mean shed – I looked like a greying woolly mammoth for the duration of this project! I’m still a bit of a novice so I guess that’s typical of a yarn that’s 80% Merino Wool, 20% Kid Mohair..? Also,my MIL reports that it’s a bit scratchy on her skin – booo!

One last thing before I go, my fave local yarn store, Norfolk Yarn, are in the running over at the Great Local Shop website – perhaps you could give them a vote? – http://northnorwich.greatlocalshop.co.uk/Shop/Norfolk-Yarn


6 thoughts on “30 Day Knitting Challenge: Day 14

  1. HaHaHa! That was a funny post! Kinda scares you that your yarn would actually squeek! And I know what you mean about mohair shed…if you are not careful enough to clean up the mohair, they tend to work into the next project you pick up (I’m weird…I will swap knitting wips in one day just to shake things up and keep things fresh!)

  2. At last, someone else who has experienced the acrylic squeak. I thought it was just me judging by my friends blank looks when I describe it. But as you say it does have its uses, but rather you than me 🙂

  3. I use this yarn quite a lot and haven’t had the same problem that you seem to have, but saying that I made an elephant like this (Sarah Keen’s pattern?) and Sidar Snuggle DK lol. I also use wooden needles over pony ones these days as well. I think on smaller needles it’s more likely to squeak as it’s really dense to work with?

    I guess that when you have a bad experience with a type of yarn you’re less likely to use it again 🙂

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