These Shoes Stay On My Feet

I mentioned recently that I wanted to crochet some little sandals for my niece-to-be. Well, they’re all done and I love how they turned out!

NauFlow (2)

They were super quick too. The first little sandal took me an hour and a half but a lot of that was spent figuring out the pattern. By the time I did the second sandal, it took me around an hour or so – maybe less really as I was watching a film and doing other stuff at the same time. I love quick projects!

NauFlow 3

I used the lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for these, in Mallard (for the flower), Ecru (cream straps and back) and Camel (for the sole). They are lovely and soft and I’m so pleased with the colours!

NauFlow (4)

You might be able to tell from the photo below, but the strap is adjustable. It’s threaded through the double-crochet stitches on the top of the back so you can pull it tighter or loosen it. Very clever!
NauFlow (1)
I used a pattern by Two Girls Patterns over on Etsy, the pattern is here – click! I found it a little hard to understand in places the first time around as they phrased things differently to how I’ve seen before but once I’d gotten over that, it was very simple and fun to make. They have a lot of cute other patterns which I have added to my queue, and I’m going to make a coordinating headband one day soon which I’m quite excited about!

I showed these to a few friends who have requested pairs, so I thought “why not add them to my Etsy?” – so if you want to buy some, then just go right here: click!


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