From Head To Sandy Toes

So, I made a matching headband to go with the little sandals I posted about earlier this week. Again, it was very quick and simple – hooray!


I used a combination of patterns in the end. Originally I was going to use something from the Two Girls Patterns Easy Crochet Headband Set pattern but they didn’t turn out great with the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn I used for the sandals, which I wanted to use again for the headband so it all matched. The pattern called for sport weight yarn and even with going down several hook sizes, the wool just didn’t suit the pattern – it’s too chunky.


So I took to Ravelry, my old faithful friend, and found this lovely pattern by SimplySweet – Sugar & Spice Headband. It was easy and quick to work up and actually uses an Aran weight yarn so came out properly! I ended up halving the width of the band which was nice and easy to do, I just took 3 stitches off of the foundation chain and chained 4 instead of 7.


For the flower, I ended up just using the same one from the sandal pattern. I did try a few different ones but they didn’t look quite right and this way it matches perfectly!

I hope my niece likes the set when she joins us in June. I’ve listed the set and headband individually on my Etsy shop just in case anyone out there likes them, too: sandals / headband / set of both.

I can’t wait to try out some different colour combinations. Something red is next but suggestions are very welcome!


One thought on “From Head To Sandy Toes

  1. Awww…the headband is so cute! Matches the sandals perfectly! And you can get really creative with the color combinations! How about red, turquoise/aqua and white?

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