Reading your charts, pt 1

Going to start this as soon as my yarn arrives..!

forever in fibre

Yesterday I showed you the single-skein shawl I made for my mother from the Single Skein Crochet Shawl pattern by Helen Kennedy. This is a charted pattern, i.e. it uses symbols rather then words to express the pattern. Helen has kindly allowed me to use her charts to take you through the process of reading crochet charts. If you want to crochet the shawl along with me, please do download the original pattern from Helen’s revelry store. You only need a single skein (around 750 meters) of a lace-weight yarn, and a 3.5 mm hook.

IMG_20140501_125409Chart A 0

Chart B 0

Chart C 0This pattern is composed of three sections, which you put together to make the complete shawl. Charts A and B make the body of the shawl, which once finished is embellished with the boarder pattern. The first thing you probably notice when looking at these patterns is that they resemble the shawl itself. You can…

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