London Loves A Speeding Heart

I’ve been away from the blogiverse for the last week or so, sorry about that! I’ve just been so busy I’ve not had time to write. We went to Basingstoke over the bank holiday weekend to visit our good friends Joe and Raine – we had a great time but since then I’ve not had a moment to catch up. We had a day trip to that London whilst we were visiting, where we went to Tatty Devine and a I bought a lovely sea gull necklace, Brewdog where my husband stocked up on some craft ales, My Old Dutch for some pancake funtimes and of course, it was Yarn Store Day so Raine and I just had to go to I Knit London to get some goodies.

Last week was mostly taken up by my other hobbies, photography and music journalism, but I still managed to do a little bit of crocheting here and there. I’m still on a baby shoe making kick so I have made some little bow sandals in yellow and red, with matching headbands. The yellow ones are for Raine who is due in July and the red set is for my Sister In Law who is due next month – eek (although she has said no to headbands, they’ll be finding another home)!

I’ve been using this pattern that I found on Ravelry for the little shoes, and the headbands are a simple bow (I used this pattern) on a band this is just a chain of 45, join and then UK triple crochet (US DC) around – easy peasy! I keep wanting to make adult sizes but I’m not sure I’d pull of a bow in my hair…!

I’ve just started on working on a light summer shawl using this pattern by Helen Kennedy and can’t wait to get further into it. It’s my first time using a charted pattern but luckily fellow blogger Forever in Fibre has written a series of posts explaining how to read charts using this very pattern – it must be fate! But that’s a post for another time… x


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