The Flowers In My House When My Allergies Come Out

We’ve had some pretty awesome weather in my part of the world lately and it’s really made me grateful to live somewhere as beautiful as Norfolk. It also seems to have inspired me to make lots of flowers! In my last post, I mentioned that we went to the ace BottleDog in Kings Cross. Well, obviously the recent BBQ and picnic weather has meant that the lovely beers we bought have been drunk and the bottles were just too pretty to chuck out!

After giving the bottle a good rinse, I crocheted some flowers using this pattern just using up whatever yarn I have in my stash. I was originally going to follow this tutorial in Rock n Roll Bride using old magazines but they just looked messy and a bit crap so I stuck to what I know! I tried to pick out colours that would compliment the pretty labels and weren’t too garish as that’s not my thing. I adjusted the pattern by either increasing or decreasing the chain by multiples of 3 and playing around with hook sizes to make sure the flowers weren’t all the same size. I love the big orange and purple ones best!

Flowers In Bottles00

Excuse my messy head popping up in the mirror there! Now all I can think about is how everything on here needs to be shifted to the right so things are centralised…

I have a bottle with a green label on which will be fun to fill, and one with a black and grey label – I’m going to roll with it but think my Mum will worry I’ve gone back to being a 16 year old goth! I think filling them with crocheted flowers may be over-kill, unless I put them in a different room…

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine – has it inspired any craft making? x


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