Catnip Dream, Catnip Dream

I always find the weather influences what I want to make. For example, last week when it was sunny I spent lots of time making flowers. This week it has been raining and pouring, so my thoughts have turned to scarves and hats – even though we’re not even in the summer months yet! But I have been trying to work on the crocheted lace scarf I spoke about before, but sadly it’s not agreeing with me. I might try a knitted one instead. The rest of my craft life has been fairly dull; I’ve been working on a sleeve for my Galaxy Tab 3, however I have just finished some presents for my friend Nikki, who is so fun and does craft swaps with me. I will post about them more when she’s received them though!


Speaking of presents, I recently sent a care package to a good friend of mine in America who is having a tough time. Of course, there was plenty of chocolate as it’s faaaar superior this side of the Atlantic, but I also made her a hoop art wall hanging, and (best of all if you ask me) some catnip toys for her two little kitty cats. Meet Lemmy and Iggy, aka the rock star cats. They are adorable and loved their little toys!


A slight confession, I was having a messy day at the office when I was packing the parcel up to go to America. The little yellow mouse didn’t make it. She drowned. Badly… In purple paint. RIP Little Squeaker, you will be missed. I thought that the other toys would be going to join Little Squeaker in Cat Toy Heaven after a few plays, but they’re pretty resilient! I made some for my cat, Bella, and she really goes for them but the little blighters won’t rip, much to her dismay. I think it’s the fact that I used two strands of DK yarn crocheted together – super strength! (Except for the bunny which is knitted, not crocheted. It has an amazing technique for making pouches that’s worth checking out!)


The patterns for these can be found below (the whale is my favourite, FYI!):

I can’t wait to come back and post about my makes for my friend Nikki! Until next time x


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