Return of Forever.

So I really need to get back on the blogging horse! Hoping that picking up with challenge will help me get back in the swing of things…

Day 15: What was your least favourite pattern and why?

It seems kind of harsh to slate another person’s efforts – writing up a pattern takes ages! However, I do have a least favourite pattern. But it was all due to my inabilities more than anything else.


The culprit was Single Skein Crochet Scarf by Helen Kennedy. It’s beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to replicate it. A fellow blogger even did a tutorial on reading charts using this – brilliant! But my brain just ties itself in knots when it sees a chart. I’ve never been good at following charts (maps are the same) – give me written instructions or show me a video please! I tried and tried and tried at this but I got so frustrated that even looking at the picture now is painful…


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