Tap On Your Cap

I kind of fell out of love with knitting when I learnt how to crochet earlier this year; the speed and ease of 3D sculpting with crochet lured me away and stole me like a mistress. I still maintain that crochet is better for things like toys but I really don’t think it’s as beautiful as knitting for garments. I recently picked up my knitting needles (and put down the crochet hook) for the first time in months and learnt that I really don’t like lace knitting (what an expensive discovery) but I was determined to teach myself something new that I would enjoy – enter cabling!

I’m off to Truck Festival in a couple of weeks and wanted a hat to take and cover up my camping-style hair. Perfect excuse to put my cable needle to use! I knew exactly what I wanted and it turns out so did Sian Mace who designed this Cabled Slouch Beanie.



I absolutely love it. It took just over a week of undedicated evening knitting and despite being inexperience in cabling, I found it really easy, but without being boring. Plus I love knitting in the round (I also learnt how to use a magic loop for this) – no purling, no seaming! Yes! The hat is really versatile too – fashionable enough to wear all year around but cosy enough to be a decent winter hat too I think.


Sorry for the gratuitous selfies, but I wanted to demonstrate both ways this can be worn – long and slouchy or with a turned up rim to make it more fitted. I like both ways and can’t decide which I prefer!

I’ve just finally cast on a jumper using the yarn I bought at Yarndale last year – hooray! I also just packaged up my friend Nikki’s craft swap gifts so as soon as she has them, there’ll be a post on the contents. (Little secret: it contains one of my favourite things I have made!)




6 thoughts on “Tap On Your Cap

  1. I too have been seduced by crochet for a while. As you say, great for 3D and sculptural things, and so much more free-form than knitting. Much easier to create broccoli in crochet – but that’s a topic for another post! But you can’t beat knitting for some things, like your lovely cap.

  2. Another double agent! (someone who likes both knitting and crocheting). I like ’em both too, and you’re right, they both have their uses. Love the cap. I haven’t tried cables yet, but I’m all about lace at the moment.

  3. That’s funny–I’m the opposite. I fell in love with crochet first before being seduced by the fabric knitting makes, and I became mostly a knitter. But the other day I picked up my crochet hook for the first time in ages and remembered how good it feels too. They’re both such satisfying crafts and they can create such different things. And good for you–I so want to learn cables but I’m still a bit afraid of them!

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