It Comes & Goes.

I feel like I should be blowing a layer of dust off of this thing! Apologies for my absence, I have had a mad busy summer. Long story short, I started a new job which I am loving and I’ve also been busy with My Other Hobby. (Gasp! Traitor!)

When I’m not clicking the knitting needles or wrestling my crochet hook, I like to run around with my dSLR camera and this summer a few people paid me to do that at their wedding – fun! It does mean my weekends were pretty packed and in between shifts at my new job I was constantly editing photos, which left no time for making and blogging (sorry about that). But I’m back now, and in case you want to see what I’ve been up to, I’m just going to leave some photos here…

So, I need to bring this beast back to life with something fun and I think I have the perfect thing. I’ve mentioned before that I have a super cool friend named Nikki, who is responsible for my awesome Pixels & Purls banne. Every so often Nikki and I do a craft swap, which is lots of fun and one of my favourite things ever.

I wanted to make her something cute but quirky for the latest swap, and I have to admit that finding a pattern that wasn’t a bit dull was difficult. I mean, they’re all cute enough but there were very few patterns that were unique or quirky. But then I found this pattern, and it was just. perfect: The Cat in a Sweater by Minazara (whose patterns are just my style. Love them.)


I absolutely love him! He was pretty easy to make, I did take step by step photos but seem to have lost them, oops. It didn’t take too long either, so I’m really tempted to make another one as it was hard to give him up!

If I make another one, I think I’ll embroider an initial or something (something simple, I’m not great at embroidery) on to the jumper. The best news is Nikki loved him and in exchange I got this amazing upcycled tea plate!

Tea Plate02

Isn’t it amazing? Now I just need to get a plate stand to pop it on rather than propping it up with a pebble (that has come all the way from Cyprus might I add). I love it so much.

Anyway, I went to The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace over the weekend and have a whole blog post to write about it, so best get working on that! Can’t wait to catch up with all my lovely blog friends x


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