“Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor.”

It’s probably old news by now that I love making toys. Some of my favourite makes have been toys – from cats and dogs, to monkeys and elephants. My notebook over at Ravelry is full of stuffed little friends that I have given away as gifts – especially since I learnt to crochet – and I follow a fair few amigurumi and toy making blogs.

One of my favourite blogs is All About Ami which is, oddly enough, all about amigurumi (and written by a lady called Steph). Steph, with a bit of help from her husband Ryan, designs and creates her own super-cute little toys and I just love them. They are unique and modern whilst keeping the cuteness we all love in our little stuffed pals. So when I was going through the All About Ami archives and came across a pattern for this adorable dragon I knew I just had to make him!

My little dragon only took a few days to make. It was crocheted with a 2.00mm hook which was a bit fiddly, and I used Rico Baby Classic DK yarn which kept annoyingly kept splitting, which slowed me down. Perhaps not best used for crochet but it was in my stash from my trip to I Knit in London on Yarn Store Day and the colour was perfect.

I really loved gluing all the little bits on to the dragon to bring him to life – I think the ears, cheeks and belly look really cute! I gave up trying to attach little horns as it was too damn fiddly and I think he looks just fine without them. Also, for what it’s worth, I can fully recommend an evening of amigurumi, gin and tonic and watching The Birdcage haha!


My first little dragon came with my husband and I on a trip to Basingstoke where he was donated to a lovely little girl named Freyja, who is the brand new addition to my friends Joe and Raine’s family. And once I posted a photo of him on my Facebook an old college friend asked me to make one for her sweet little daughter who loves dragons (and unicorns apparently – that’s yet to come, watch this space!). Someone seeing your work and asking you to reproduce it is the best compliment!

Anyway, I’m off to try my hand at freehand machine embroidery. If you don’t hear from me in a few days, chances are I’ve stitched myself in to a mess and can’t escape!

(Yes, the post title is a geeky nod to Game of Thrones – it means “a dragon is not a slave.”)


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