Every Day Should Be A Holiday

Happy New Year everyone! I haven’t had time to post for a while because I kind of over-committed to Christmas gift making. Either that, or left it too late (despite starting in October!). I got it all done in time though, so thought I would post about it now that the festive season is winding down and I have some time.

IMG_20141214_162022So, I’ll start with what I think is my favourite present I made for this little man, Fico, who is one of my favourite people in the world. He’ll be two later this month and is amidst an intense Despicable Me obsession, so I made him a Dave The Minion Hat! In Fico’s world, Dave The Minion is affectionately known as Di-Di, so when he saw himself in the mirror and happily pointed and exclaimed “Di-di! Di-di!” I was pretty confident the hat was a success.

It only took a few days to make – the slowest part of the process being adding the detail and sewing on the eyes. Mostly because I’m really fastidious so re-shuffled everything about 1,000 times. I used this pattern by Janet Carrillo and it was a dream to follow. I couldn’t find a colour worsted weight yarn I was happy with (not bright enough!) so I crocheted using two strands of DK weight yarn instead and went down a hook size to 4.5mm. I also ended the yellow section two rows before the pattern suggests as it was looking a little large. That was definitely a good move, because it fits well and still has a little growing room.

Considering I only learnt to crochet last Christmas when my Mama gifted me a crochet hook set and book, I’m pretty proud that this year’s festive-crafting seems to have been crochet-orientated for me! I think I still prefer the look of knitted items, but crochet is so much quicker and more adaptable for gift making.

Speaking of swift-crocheting, these little slippers only took a few hours:

IMG_6743The pattern is Hoppy Baby Bunny House Slippers and these are being beautifully modelled by my friends lovely little baby-girl Freyja! I think this may be one of my favourite patterns ever. I’ve made some Two Girls patterns before and always find them easy to follow and well written. I want to make more of these slippers already, even though I made two pairs as Christmas gifts; these ones for Freyja and some with red bows for my gorgeous niece Poppy.

I think I’ll finish my post with something I made for my friend Lee, who has helped me out this year in a few different ways so deserved a little something. Something which I call R2Lee2.


Another quick little crochet! I only have the one photo as I forgot to take one before I gave it to Lee so I snapped this one at work after he’d opened it… The pattern is by Melissa Prange and I didn’t need to make any changes, other than added the blue stripes on the robo-arms (legs?) to amplify the level of detail.

OK, I think that’s enough for now but I still have more Christmas gifts I made to share with you all! Three photo frames, three necklaces and three candles. I have to say, it’s really nice to have some less-committal making on my hands and a bit more freedom. Although all this gift making has left me feverishly dreaming up projects – my latest craze is jewellery making. More on that later…. x


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